CUSTOMISATION We realize that every serving space is unique, so to make sure that the ECLIPSE fits perfectly into any environment we are able to provide a customised design that shows off your business’s branding via custom inserts in the exterior side panels. Customisable Panels Side panels can be customised to suit any need or environment. MEET THE ECLIPSE This high-performance range of Eclipse Espresso Machines are a pleasure to operate, and clad in sleek glass panelling, will add a shine to any establishment. With customisable side panels, the Eclipse is also ready to be personalised, whether you choose to add a lick of colour, or full branding - it’s a machine you’ll truly be proud to show off. MODELS The ECLIPSE is currently available in the following configurations: 2 GROUP COMPACT (featuring two steam wands) 2 GROUP 3 GROUP All configurations listed above feature tall espresso groups. 2 GROUP 3 GROUP 2 GROUP COMPACT